2019 Guest Program Invitation

A Special Guest Invitation to NACE 2019 in Wichita, Kansas!

In September of this year I had the privilege of traveling to Wichita, Kansas to meet up with the Guest Program planning committee and our new NACE Conference and Membership Manager, Staci Morgan. We spent a couple days checking out different venues we thought you may enjoy when visiting the great state of Kansas. I guarantee you, Kansas is planning a great week JUST FOR YOU!

Guest Program highlights:

• Pinot’s Palette - Art & Wine!
• Museum of Old-World Treasures
• Lots of good food including Kansas B-B-Q!
• Salt Mine or Shopping at Bradley Fair
• Sedgwick County Zoo (Tuesday night with the delegates)
• Motivational Speaker
• Theater Production
• Time with friends!!!

NACE is a great organization that provides our Engineers with education, opportunities to meet with peers, vendors and other professionals. All this giving them a strong network to rely on in their work as County Engineers. As guests, we are blessed to spend a week with our engineer! We get to enjoy the flavor of the state we are in while also enjoying time with friends old and new! We have been attending NACE for 20+ years and have established lifelong friendships. Rich and I always say that our NACE family are some of the best people on earth!

Check out the guest program online and register today at www.naceevents.org.
We can’t wait to see you in Wichita!

On behalf of NACE,

Your “First Lady Lola”
(Ruth Sanders)

Wife of NACE President, Richard Sanders